Nature Outings

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The autumn birding outings in Burgoyne Park begin on Thursday, October 1.
Fall migration is happening and we hope to see some exciting sightings.  For example, recently was just one of those moments when two Green-winged Teal were spotted close in to shore in the bay, and a young Sharp-shinned Hawk cavorted with a Merlin, then was soon harassed by a few cheeky Stellar’s Jays.  So much good fun!


Each Thursday at 8 am, we will gather informally, with no set leader, learn together and share our collective knowledge. 

For this Fall, these outings will be restricted to members only.  As per the club’s directives, we will gather into small groups of no more than 6 and adhere to the acceptable social distancing protocol.  Please have a mask in your pocket, just in case.  Also, there cannot be any sharing of anything that you are touching – binoculars, bird books, scopes, etc.  Each week we will make a list of participants for the purpose of contact tracing, should that be necessary.   
All Club members are welcome regardless of your birding experience!  Please meet at the barns at 8 a.m. and be prepared for wet conditions underfoot.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Kathleen at






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