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Sunday, February 4th

HIKE – Mount Maxwell from Seymour Heights; up the Gary trail to the  Rim Trail, then to the summit.  Down via trail 4 and the upper Girlfriend Trail.  Meet at Art Spring at departing at 1:00 or at the trailhead at the end of Seymour Heights to set out at 1:15.

Tuesday, February 6th

HIKE – Carron has organised an outing in the private strata-owned Maracaibo property. One of the owners will be leading a tour out to Nose Point which will be approximately 8 kms and including a lunch stop will last probably 4 hours. There is little elevation gain but non stop scenery! Carpooling is mandatory as we have been asked to keep the number of cars at a minimum. Depart from ArtSpring at 9:45. Dress warm!!! Will probably be quite windy.

WALK –  Sheila will lead us from  the Trustees Trail entrance toward Manzanita Ridge and return by the same route, thus avoiding the steepest parts of Mount Erskine.   Meet at Artspring for a 10 AM departure to Mt Erskine.

RAMBLE – Meet at ArtSpring at 10:30 then at the end of Broadwell at 10:45.
Take your lunch.

Sunday, February 11th

HIKE – Howard Horel, Andreas Vogt Nature Reserves and Bryant Hill. Meet at Art Spring at departing at 1:00 or at the trailhead on Mereside Rd to set out at 1:15.

Tuesday, February 13th

HIKE – Rosemary will lead Tuesday’s hike along the Mt Maxwell trail network. Will be rather cool, but so far, no chance of rain. 

We’ll hike uphill along the Armand Trail to the Link onward to the Gary. Let’s enjoy the full length of the Gary Trail as well as the full length of Rim Trail back to the summit. We’ll descend the Armand Trail back to the cars. With the elevation change, both up and down, it could be quite handy to have a hiking pole. 

Having scouted the route last week, I expect to complete our hike between 3:00 and 3:30 depending upon how long and how frequent we take breaks. Guessing that total distance is 13 to 14 km. 

Meet at Artspring to car-pool departing at 9:45 or at the trailhead at the end of Armand Way ready to set out at 10:05. 

WALK – Please note —Tuesdays walk on the Tsawout reserve,  starts at the parking area at the end of Morningside Road, just outside the gate to the Reginald Hill strata. From there, we walk on the road  through the strata and onto the reserve trails.  Departure: 10:00 am at ArtSpring or 10:15 at the end of Morningside.


Meet at Artspring at 10:30 and we’ll walk in Mouat’s Park led by Patricia.
Lunch at Dagwoods or SS Inn?

Sunday, February 18th

HIKE – Ruckle Park via the big fir and Coppermine Point or Merganser pond. Meet at Art Spring departing at 1 pm or at first parking area just before the Park entrance, to set out at 1:25.  A medium length and moderate hike.

Tuesday, February 20th

HIKE – Hello hikers. Unfortunately I have to postpone the Mount Prevost hike due to rain in the forecast (a safety issue – especially up at the summit).

Instead I’ll be offering an 11km hike from Ruckle Park to Cusheon Cove along the Shoreline Trail. After lunch at Cusheon Cove we will loop back along the creek before joining the inland route to our cars. We will be out approx 4.5-5 hrs including lunch. The hike will go ahead rain or shine.

Meet at Artspring to carpool, departing at 9:45, or the Heritage Farm Parking (across from the farmhouse – see sign on right) to depart at 10:10.

WALK – Brian Hutchings will lead a moderate walk  on the south side of Mount Maxwell to a little known waterfall. Elevation 225 meters.  Meet At ArtSpring for 10 am departure or at the first field on the left of Burgoyne Bay Road at 10:20.  


Sunday, February 25th

HIKE – Channel Ridge starting at the end of Pringle Farm Rd.  Up past John Myers bench, then to the North summit, descending to the Brian and Skye bench, then along the west boundary returning to Pringle Farm Rd. Meet at Art Spring at departing at 1:00 or at the trailhead  at the end of Pringle Farm Rd to set out at 1:20.

Tuesday, 27th

HIKE – Bob Keates will lead a hike on the Howard Horel, Andreas Vogt and Bryant Hill trail system.  Meet at Art Spring to carpool, departing at 9:45, or at the trailhead on Mereside to set out at 10:00. Please bring clippers or loppers for a bit of salal clearing. Art Spring at 9:45 or Mereside Road trailhead at 10:00.

WALK –  Lynn Thompson will lead a circumnavigation of Crofton Lake.  The steep part is from the ferry up Robert Street to the trail head. Be prepared for mud and puddles. Meet at Portlock Park at 9:00 am to carpool to Vesuvius and walk on the 9:35 ferry. Lynn will meet us on the Crofton side.  Anticipated return ferry: possibly 2:20 pm but more likely 3:35 pm.  Be sure to bring your ID and BC ferries Experience Card.

RAMBLE – Leader TBA. Carpool at Artspring at 10:30 or meet at Canvasback at 10:45
Take your lunch

Walk Leaders needed for March. Contact Sheila   sspence@telus,net


Meet at ArtSpring at 10:30 a.m. Desitnation TBA


Sunday, March 3rd

Mt Erskine from Trustees Trail.  Meet at Art Spring to car pool departing at 1:00 or at the trailhead at the end of Trustee’s Trail to set out at 1:15.  Up Trail 2, continuing on 5. Return via trail 3.

Tuesday, March 5th

HIKE – Ashley Hilliard will lead a moderate hike into Ruckle Park “by the back door”. Carpool from ArtSpring departing at 0945 or meet at starting point at to set out at 1005. Starting point is the corner of Bulman and Meyer Roads. Take care turning left off Beaver Point Road onto Bulman as it’s a blind corner. About 700 ft total elevation gain. Some rough and slippery sections. Poles would be good.

WALK – Explore above the waterfall on Mt. Tuam Ecological Reserve with Sue Lehman. There may be wet and slippery sections. It is uphill before lunch. Meet at ArtSpring at 10:00 am or at the waterfall on Mountain Road about 1.5 km from Isabella Point Road at 10:20 am.

RAMBLE – Carpool at Artspring at 10:30
Or meet at Hilltop at 10:45 and park there for a road walk around Fulford.
Lunch at Rock Salt.

Sunday, March 10th

HIKE – Boulders Trail to the giant arbutus, finishing on Daffodil Point.  Meet at Art Spring to car pool departing at 1:00 or at the trailhead at Burgoyne Bay to set out at 1:15.

Tuesday, March 12th

HIKE – Bob Keates will lead a hike on the lower part of Mt Sullivan, out on trail 20, return on trail 21, elevation gain 350 m.  Meet at Art Spring to car pool, departing at 9:45, or at the trailhead in Burgoyne Bay to set out at 10:05.

WALK –  Kathryn will lead a walk to Daffodil Point, the site of one of the old homesteads on Salt Spring.  Please tread gently.   Depart from ArtSpring at 10:00 AM or in Burgoyne Bay the parking lot at 10:15 AM

RAMBLELeader TBA Carpool at ArtSpring at 9:00 am in order to leave vehicles at Vesuvius and walk on the 9:35 ferry. Lunch at the pub in Crofton.
Probably return on 12:55 ferry?

Sunday, March 17th

HIKE – Holland Creek and Crystal Falls.  Meet at Art Spring at 11:20 to car pool or at 11:30 to drive on the 12:05 ferry to Crofton.  If you prefer to come directly to Vesuvius without a car, please pre-arrange your ride.

Tuesday, March 19th

HIKE – Ashley Hilliard will lead a hike in John Dean Park on the Saanich Peninsula from adifferent starting point than in 2022. Car drivers need to be in the Fulford ferry line up by 9:00. Non-drivers should be there by 9:30,  meeting outside Rock Salt.  Please contact so we can have an estimate of numbers. Pre-arranged ride-sharing is recommended. Estimated return will be on the 3 pm sailing from Swartz Bay, but be prepared in case it’s the 5 pm.

WALK – Sheila will lead walkers on trails from Cusheon Cove to Yeo Point in Ruckle Park. This is a moderate walk with great views and glimpses. Meet at ArtSpring for 10:00 am departure or at the trail head at the end of Meyer Road at 10:15 am.

RAMBLELeader TBA Carpool at ArtSpring at 10:30 Or meet at Duck Creek at 10:45
Take your lunch.

Sunday, March 24th

HIKE – Hope Hill. Meet at ArtSpring to car pool departing at 1:00 or at Drummond Park at 1:15. Up trail 1 to the White Pine trail, down on trail 2.

Tuesday, March 26th


WALK – Barb Baldwinson will lead an easy walk starting at Little Mountain Road to Welbury Bay trails on Scott Point Road, beyond the Long Harbour ferry terminal, with lunch along Welbury Bay, and return by the same route.  Meet at ArtSpring for carpooling and 10:00 AM departure.  From Long Harbour Road, turn left onto Quebec Drive, then at 600m right to stay on Quebec Drive, in 250 m right onto Quebec Lane. Keep right onto Little Mountain Road. Parking on the right near 195  Little Mountain Road (Lea´s Cottage), where Barb will meet us.  


Sunday, March 31st

HIKE – Channel Ridge: Meet at ArtSpring to car pool departing at 1:00 or at the top of Broadwell at 1:15. We will follow trails on the west perimeter to John Myer’s bench, and then return via the crest.



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