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Sunday, June 2nd


Burgoyne Bay and lower slopes of Mt Sullivan, out on trail 20, return on trail 21, elevation gain 300 m.  Meet at Art Spring to car pool, departing at 1:00, or at the trailhead in Burgoyne Bay to set out at 1:20.

Tuesday, June 4th

HIKE – Jack Little will lead the Jack Foster beach walk. Meet at Art Spring to car-pool, departing at 9:45, or at the trailhead at the start of Southey Point Rd to set out at 10:05. 

WALK – Sue will lead the Walkers on an easy loop walk around the Burgoyne Bay fields. Meet at the first field inside the park on Burgoyne Bay Road at 10:20 a.m.


Sunday, June 9th

HIKE – Mt Erskine, starting at Trustees Trail. Up Trail 2 to Manzanita Ridge, descending via trail 3. Meet at Art Spring to car-pool, departing at 1:00, or at the trailhead at the end of Trustees Trail to set out at 1:15.

Tuesday, June 11


Please join us for a broom clearing event at Ruckle Park. 

We will meet at ArtSpring for a 9:45 departure or at the 3rd group campsite at Ruckle at 10:15. Please bring loppers and tarps (for hauling) and gloves. Also bring your snacks/lunch and liquid. Before we get started, a few tips will be given on correct techniques for broom clearing.  

Sunday, June 16th

HIKE – Sunday June 16 is the second day of Tour des Iles giving us the opportunity to take the water taxi to Galiano: Departure: 8:00 am from Ganges harbour. Hike: Bluffs Park and Mt Galiano.  Return 18:45 from Sturdies Bay arriving Ganges at 19:35. Cost is $20 each way. We need to book early to be sure of getting seats on the water taxi. We may eat at a restaurant on Galiano.

Please let me know asap if you are interested.

Anyone interested in joining the Sunday hike to Bluffs Park and Mt Galiano, book your water taxi tickets ($20 each way) here:

< HTTPS:// >

It’s a longish hike, but we have plenty of time available to take it at an easy pace. Bob Keates.

Tuesday, June 18th

HIKE – Bob Keates will lead a hike to Bold Bluff.  Meet at ArtSpring to car pool, departing at 9:45 or  in the parking area in Burgoyne Bay to set out at 10:05. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

WALK – Gillie will lead a walk from the Fernwood Pier to Walker’s Hook, stopping enroute at Pipers Buns for fresh muffins.  We will have lunch at Walker’s Hook.  If the tide is low enough, we will walk along the beach.  it’s an easy walk, taking about an hour each way.  Car pool from ArtSpring at 10 a.m. or meet at Fernwood Pier at 10:15.

RAMBLE – Paul has arranged for us to visit the museum.
Meet at Artspring at 10:30 and walk to the museum where Mary will show us around.
Unfortunately I will be off Island that day but please let Paul know if you plan on being there.

Sunday, June 23th

HIKE – Burgoyne Bay up to the giant Arbutus, continuing to the meadows and back down via the boulders.  About 300 m elevation gain. Meet at Art Spring to car-pool, departing at 1:00, or at the trailhead at Burgoyne Bay to set out at 1:15.

Tuesday, June 25th


SSTNC annual STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL will be hosted by the hikers at Ruckle Park in the day-use picnic area beyond the lower parking lot.
Meet at noon. Bring your own bowl and spoon for strawberries and ice cream, and perhaps a chair or blanket to sit on.Those not working on strawberry preparation and serving are encouraged to arrive early enjoy a short hike or ramble before the main event.


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