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The Early Morning Birding Walks have finished for the spring!  See you next season.
Birders are excitedly sharing the arrival of migrants back to the Island! And, imagine a flock of over 200 tundra swans, trumpeting magnificently heading in a northwesterly direction, sighted on Friday Mar 29 morning by at least two of our members.
On this note we would like to announce this year’s early morning birding outings in Burgoyne Bay with expert birder and naturalist, Peter McAllister. Ren Ferguson, one of the Island’s best birders, will also be joining us to help out. They will lead us through the meadows, forests and out onto the shore of the bay.  Starting Thursday, April 25th, we will meet at the ridiculous hour of 6 am in Burgoyne Park, parking on the road, near the barns. There’s a wide path there heading into the meadows. Beginners to experts, you are all welcome.
Bring warm clothes and wear boots as the meadows are very wet in the early morning hours, and, your binoculars are a must.
Should you miss the 6 am departure, no panic, you’ll find us easy enough, but we will be trying to wrap up by 8.
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