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Your spring birding team has been thinking of ways to brighten your lives, now so drastically changed by the corona virus. We are encouraging you to go out on your own to hear bird song, to spot this, that and the other, then to share your excitement and discoveries over the birding hotline. 

Both Peter and Ren, who led the group last season, will be out there and we hope that everyone will be inspired to do a little birding as well. Everyone could share lists, possible sitings, behaviours being observed and where to see such and such a bird. Asking questions, exchanging information and entering into conversations, i.e. “Could I have seen this bird? He had a yellow top knot, red tail feathers and whistled over and over again, “Covid-19, get thee gone!” 

Yellow-rumped warblers seem to be showing up nearly everyday now at our house, and I’m listening intently for the trill of the orange-crowned warbler another early spring arrival. Will he sound like the dark-eyed junco again this year, totally confusing me or will I ‘hear’ that difference. As birders we are all at many different levels, rank beginners abound, and we would be very happy if you would join us on the hot-line.
Contact Kathleen at:   to get on the hot-line, or should you have questions.






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