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Please note: Participants need to bring a lunch and wear appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing.
We encourage every hiker to lead one hike a year, which still leaves enough for those who wish to lead more.

Tue Oct 3Barry and Sheila Spence will lead a moderate loop hike on Maple Mountain trails (some steep sections). Lunch stop will be later than usual. Meet at Portlock Park at 8:30 am. for carpooling to Osborne Bay Park near Camp Qwanoes on Smith Road. Doreen Fenton will lead a walk up Mount Erskine from the trail head up from Juniper Pl. Carpool from ArtSpring at 10:00 a.m. or meet at the trail head at 10:20am. There are some rocky steep sections but we will take it slow and easy, and enjoy the incredible view points along the way. Take Rainbow Road, turn on Juniper Pl. and follow it up to Spring Gold Way and follow that up to Trustees Trail where you turn right and continue on until you come to the end of the road and the trail head.Ramblers meet at 10 am at centennial park and go from there.
Tue Oct 10Join Ashley Hilliard on a hike into the northern portion of Ruckle Park. This is a moderate hike but sturdy footwear and poles (if you like them) recommended. Carpool from ArtSpring at 9:45 a.m. or join at the start at the foot of Meyer Road at 10:05 a.m. (left off Beaver Pt Rd onto Bulman, then right at junction with Meyer). Kathleen Maser will lead us on a walk back through history - the fascinating story of Cusheon Cove. We will meet at the Myer's road trail head and enjoy the Chris Hatfield trail to Cushion Cove. Chris himself will greet us there, lead us around the site, which was recently acquired by BC parks as an addition to Ruckle Park. This is land steeped in history, from extensive middens to the archaeological findings of Salt Spring's largest saw mill operating in the early 1900's and through to its recent history, a salmon fish farm and hatchery. Time will be spent with Chris in his museum where the number of artifacts, all dug up by this man himself, rival those of Barkerville. We will have our lunch on the property, perhaps in the orchard of 100 year old apples trees, then hike back to Myers Rd. Carpool from ArtSpring at 10:00 am or 10:20 am at the trail head at the southeast end of Meyer Road.Ramblers meet at centennial park.
Tue Oct 17Gale & David Buffett will lead a moderately strenuous hike up Mount Maxwell exploring various trails. We will be parking at the corner of Armand Way and Seymour Heights; starting at the trail head at the end of Seymour Heights. Plan for a lunch stop at the summit before descending down to Armand Way and back to the cars. Meet at Artspring at 9:45 am & those traveling from the south end can meet at 10 am at the corner of Dukes Road and Fulford-Ganges Road. Join Jenny Meyer walking along the trails, pathways and roads in and around Ganges. A few special stops along the way. Meet at ArtSpring at 10:00 a.m.Ramblers meet at centennial park.
Tue Oct 24Hike the Hope Hill trails with Carol Melton and Jean Attorp in the lead. Moderate ups and downs with good view points, if weather permits. Meet at ArtSpring at 9:45 a.m. or Drummond Park at 10:00 a.m.Jacqueline Thomas leads a walk on the Tsawout FN reserve. Walk down Bridgeman Rd and onto the upper trail of the reserve, looping around the W boundary and returning along the beachside trail, lunch on the beach, and back up the road. A few short steep rocky sections. Carpool at ArtSpring at 10:00 am to meet at Beaver Point Hall parking lot at 10:20 am.Ramblers meet at 10 am at centennial park.
Tue Oct 31Blackburn Loops: Explore the area around Blackburn Road with Marc and
Karen Munro. We'll walk a series of loops including some roads and one
steep climb. It's about 12km.

Meet at ArtSpring at 9.45 a.m. or at the parking lot at Blackburn
Nature Reserve, Blackburn Road 10.00 a.m.
Wendy McLean will lead a walk in the Blackburn/Frazier area. We will do some road walking before and after the trail. The trail is steep but only about 0.75 km long and mostly stairs. Lunch will be eaten on Wendy's deck. Carpool at ArtSpring at 10:00 a.m. to meet Wendy at the junction of Blackburn and Fulford-Ganges Rd at about 10:15 amRamblers meet at 10 am at centennial park.
Friday Oct 277-9pm at the Lion’s Hall, public welcome, Daniel Donnecke, an expert birder living in Saanich, Salt Spring’s contact for the Audubon Christmas Birdcount, will be speaking about his experiences with birding with some lovely photos he has managed to catch of his favourite birds.
Tue Nov 7Lynn Thompson will lead a moderate off-island hike to Stoney Hill (Maple Bay area). A new access road and CRD trail give a new look to a hike we used to do . . . several beautiful lookouts to Salt Spring Island! Meet at Portlock in time to leave no later than 8.45 am to carpool on the 9:25 a.m. ferry from Vesuvius.
Elaine Senkpiel will lead us on a Channel Ridge walk, with some moderate hill climbing and some steep sections. Walking poles may be handy, and we will have lunch on Ekaine's deck. Carpool from ArtSpring at 10:00 am or meet at the trail head near Broadwell Rd. and Tern Rd at 10.20. No leader yet. Meet at 10 am at Country Grocer Parking Lot. North Beach and Fernwood. Lunch at the Café .
Tue Nov 14Sharon Sullivan will lead a 3-4 hour partially new hike (to some) in Ruckle Park starting from Beaver Point Hall, east through the woods to the big trees, and Merganzer Pond, over a beautiful mossy hill, down along the coast for some great views and on to the day parking lot in Ruckle Park. If time permits we can also go around the campground and around to Grandma’s beach (Harlequins maybe?) and return to the day parking. For the required car shuttle, we will have already parked a shuttle car in the day parking lot (before 10:05am) to return the drivers around 2-3pm to Beaver Point Hall. Poles will be handy especially if it has been raining.
Meet at ArtSpring at 9:45 a.m, or meet at Beaver Point Hall at 10:05 a.m.

Meet at ArtSpring at 10 a.m. to pick a leader and a destination.Meet Betty Ball at 10 am at Country Grocer parking lot. Walk Norton road, Kingslane. Lunch at the Pizza Place Up Town. Meeting at 10 am Country Grocer Parking Lot
Tue Nov 21Climb from the end of Mereside Road up to the Bryant Hill trail then take the connector to Andreas Vogt Nature Reserve. We will have lunch with a lovely view to the south, hopefully. Then it is all downhill. Susan Fussell will lead this easy to moderate hike. Meet at ArtSpring at 9:45 a.m. or at the parking area near the end of Mereside Road at 10:00 a.m.
Rob Mason will lead us on a walk along the Chris Hatfield trail past Yeo point to lunch at King’s Cove, then retrace our steps to Meyers Rd. It is an easy walk with some small rocky parts along the ocean. Carpool from ArtSpring at 10:00am or meet at the trail head on the east end of Meyers Rd at 10:20am.
Harold Page walks new pathways. Meet at 10 am Centennial Park. Coffee or Lunch at Barbs Buns.
Tue Nov 28Sue and Al Lehmann lead a strenuous hike up Mount Tuam and across and down the Garry Oak meadows. Some sections will be steep and may be slippery. Carpool from ArtSpring at 9:45 a.m. or from Drummond Park at 10:00 a.m. Park just past the No Exit sign, near the end of Mountain Road. Drivers be aware that Mountain Rd is a single lane winding dirt road with potholes.
Meet at ArtSpring at 10 a.m. to pick a leader and a destination.Kathy Darling and Frauke lead a walk on Long Harbour Rd. Meet at 10 am at Centennial Park. Bring a Lunch.
Thurs Nov 30At the Salt Spring Library, 7-9pm, Salt Spring Resident, Lo Camp, well known Biologist, Wilderness Guide, and raconteur will speak about his experiences in Hiking and guiding in the Canadian Wilderness
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